What to Expect during a Session

My Domination Style

I provide session styles from sensual to cruel and extreme. I welcome applications from submissives of all genders! I am a natural-born bully and enjoy teasing you for My amusement. While I enjoy being ruthlessly cruel to My victims, I should also say that I do genuinely enjoy Domination. I find myself laughing and joking during scenes quite often. Sessions DO NOT have to be extreme or cruel. An extensive list of my fetish and kink specialties and can viewed by visiting the "Specialties" tab of this site, or just click the button below.



 I recently contacted Mistress Mia seeking out her time for a spanking session. Prior to meeting, her initial response was timely and her inquiring into my wants and needs was definitely both thorough and thoughtful. By the time the whole process was completed, I was looking forward to what was to come. 

 By the time I arrived to meet Mistress Mia, it was clear she was ready and had done her homework. Dolled up to look like what I usually like to see in my spanked -- I'm a switch -- she was instantly in my head. Also, as a 6'1 rather sturdy fellow, seeing a woman barely over 5' with wooden spoon in hand and ready to tan ass, Mistress Mia had me mentally crumbling underfoot. 

 Led upstairs to a waiting bedroom, I couldn't help but notice Mistress Mia's supple curves swaying in front of me. This had to be by design, as I was shortly placed on my knees and teased thoroughly with an ass I would love to get my hands on while being made sure to understand it would never happen. In what felt like the snap of a finger, I was quickly undressing and practically jumping over her lap, bottom twitching and waiting. 

When I say I have never before been spanked so thoroughly. . . .From time spent bare bottomed and over her lap, feeling the sting and squeeze of her hand, to being put on all fours and made to watch being paddled in front of her mirror, to being flat out DOMINATED on my back, legs raised and Mistress Mia smiling, laughing and demanding my eye contact while blistering my ass, I  finally found out what it is to be thoroughly spanked by a woman undeniably in charge . . . and I have to have more. Consider it a warning if you must, but Mistress Mia will leave you craving another visit. 

-- Joe Spanko, August 2017


I contacted Mistress Mia for a session when in Philadelphia. I have been in and out of the scene and had numerous sessions. She was amazing. Her ability to take control and utilize her beauty as well as ability to understand what pushed and drove me was amazing. I served as a domestic and endured amazing humiliation. I was privileged enough to worship her feet legs and enduring face smothering while in bondage. She pushed my limits with CBT and NT but when I got near a yellow stop she immediately, throttled back and ensured that I was comfortable to proceed. Her ability to get into a sub’s head and bring you to sub space was amazing. I can't wait to return.

-sissy sean, October 2017 

I have had several sessions with Mistress Mia in which I asked to be humiliated, both physically and verbally. Mia is a relentless and ruthless Dom and immediately makes sure you know where the power lies in your interactions with her. She has made me whimper like a frightened puppy, and her laughter as she torments you will stay with you well after the session is over. If you're looking for a Dom that will make you feel small, helpless and pathetic then you really will not regret throwing yourself at her feet.  -Robyn, September 2017


I had such an awesome session last night [with Mistress Mia]. I told her I wanted it rough which usually equates to a girl concerned that she's hurting me. Not this one! OMG, right from the start it was an assault! She was grinding, bouncing, and smothering me so hard. Some of the butt drops on my face had me seeing stars. My nose is rubbed raw from the intense grinding combined with the material of her shorts. After 20 minutes she took the shorts off and calmed down some. The next 20-30 minutes was basically her just making sure my nose was buried in her cheeks at all times. -July 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prefer to be addressed?

You may call me Mistress, Ma'am, Miss, or Mia.

What are your tributes rates?

Contact Me for more information. 

Contact Me about rates for public outings, chastity and online Domination 

When should I arrive to our session?

I will provide you with My location on the day of our scheduled meeting. You may arrive no more than 5 minutes early to our session.

Do you offer same-day sessions?

No. I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to book a session and possibly more depending on how elaborate your request is.

How should I groom myself?

I expect you to be showered with freshly brushed teeth. I will not do a session with someone who has body odor.

Do I have to tip you?

Tips are definitely not expected though highly appreciated! I love receiving gifts and my favorite flowers are pink roses! 

Do you offer sex?

No. I am an adult entertainer and alternative sexuality provider/educator. I am not an escort and do not offer sex during My sessions. Do not ask.

Still have a question? Email me at mistressmiaaction@gmail.com