Testimonial from session with Chicago slave

I had the chance to session with an incredibly obedient and attentive slave while touring Chicago earlier this month. Interested in learning more about Me and meeting Me in person? You can view My offerings or check Me out on Twitter!

I had the opportunity to both serve and play with Mistress Mia Action in July 2019, and l recommend Her highly. She is open and genuine. I learned that She is a leader and educator in Her local BDSM community and is a welcome addition to my local BDSM community in Chicago.

Before  our scene, Mistress Mia was thorough with pre-negotiation, taking the time to understand my kinks, motivations, and concerns; and then addressing and respecting my limits. Over the course of our talk, i saw that this Woman was fully invested and knowledgeable about the subjects at hand as well as the practices that should make it a enjoyable and safe experience for both of us. But make no mistake, Mistress Mia is a sadist and takes immense pleasure in using pain, degradation, and torture to satisfy Her sadistic urges. But She respects limits and made me feel safe to explore.

As for the scene itself? It was amazing. Mistress Mia initially blindfolded, then later, hooded me and subjected various parts of the front of my body to: electrical shocks, paddles, whips, riding crops, canes, her hands(!) and more. She subjected my mind to dehumanization and humiliation, taking away my humanity. I was just a bitch and she made me announce it loudly where anyone in the room could hear. She let me know I was being laughed at…and well,  more but i started to I drop into a very deep level of subspace.  My perception of the reality outside the leather hood I wore got a little wonky. Soon thereafter I would experience a feeling of utter submission that was quite simply, transcendent…

…There was a point when I felt so eager to do anything, (A…N…Y…THING!), this wickedly wonderful Woman wanted that when She teased me with the fantasy of spending the rest of my life subjected to extreme chastity, total orgasm denial and weekly doses of ritualized torture,  I honestly wanted to give that to Her- give up my own pleasure- just to add to Hers. That I might be open to, or even consider something like this, was such a revelation about myself that I am still processing what it means to me as a submissive and a fetishist as I write this now, almost a week later…. and the scene wasn’t close to over yet.

Still blinded by the hood, Mistress Mia pulled my leash and made me crawl across the room to another piece of equipment.  Then the pain began anew, this time on the back side of my body. Deliberately, methodically…increasingly, She took her time, warming me up to take even more  and more pain… for Her.

I had the feeling that when She felt my body was ready, the beating began in earnest. I suspect She had saved the biggest, meanest toys for now- the long heavy paddles and the long whippy rattan canes. Toys that had scared me in the past. I wasn’t scared anymore. I was in such a place, mentally and physically I would try to do anything for Her.

The beating continued. My cries would get louder and louder till I started to wonder if I could take more….but each time, before I would safeword “yellow”, She would back off give me time to recover and start again. Finally, She… stopped.

 Mistress Mia told me she thought I could take more. She wanted to hurt me more! Knowing that She wanted to continue, I wanted Her to continue. I wanted to take the pain for Her just because I knew it would bring Her pleasure…make no mistake. Every hit and strike hurt A LOT but I still wanted Her to do it all the same. I don’t know if I was in a place at this point where I could even articulate these feelings. It did not matter. my dominant had made a decision and at this point I was far too submissive to consider challenging it. She pushed my experience to a new realm while respecting the limits set by my wife and I. It was amazing.

The scene over, the caring Mistress Mia provided aftercare and allowed me to thank Her as I calmed down. After that I was very happy and contented to be allowed to serve her in some small ways to provide care for her and clean up after the scene.

 The next day Mistress Mia called to check in on me. We talked and she answered any questions I was able to articulate at that time (I was still pretty heavily in a submissive headspace, fyi.) ending the call with us both knowing it was enjoyable and good experience for us both.

If you share Mistress Mia’s interests and have opportunity to play with this surprisingly caring, compassionate, yet ruthless, wickedly sadistic Dominant Woman- do not hesitate!

-a Chicago slave,  July-12-2019