Chastity Keyholding Mistress Philadelphia


Chastity Keyholding Mistress Philadelphia

Testimonials for Mia Action, Philadelphia

Dominatrix Mistress Mia Action holding Paddle

Being my first pro session, I was super nervous and excited. As others have said, Mistress Mia is very good about getting to know you and your kinks. Being new to all this, I wasn't even completely sure of everything I wanted or didn't want, but She seemed to thoroughly enjoy figuring me out! I gave up all control to Mia and She pushed me to my limits without crossing any lines. She made me feel safe but also craving what was to come next.

Mistress Mia totally exceeded my expectations. She has an awesome body, a super low key but well equipped dungeon. One hour was amazing but left me craving to come back for a much longer session.

-K, Philadelphia, January 2020

Testimonials Mia Action Philadelphia: Corporal Punishment

On a scale of 1 to 10, Mistress Mia Action is an 11!
In the few minutes she spent talking to me before our session, she was extremely pleasant and respectful. She then led me to her very well appointed dungeon where our relationship was immediately transformed into a no-nonsense Mistress/submissive role. She ordered me to strip naked and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of me.
Her style of interspersing the pain with sensual and erotic play has the effect of lulling her poor subjects into this sense of pleasure before the pain starts raining down on you suddenly!
All too soon our time together came to an end and I was left with a sore tush that I felt for the next few days. I definitely intend to return to her for more of the same and for new experiences because she is far from having exhausted all her skills on me.

-mark w, Philadelphia, January 2020 Tweet

Testimonials Mia Action Philadelphia: BDSM

Mistress Mia provided the best session I have ever had. Prior to the actual session, we had an extensive phone conversation to make sure we were on the same page, which she then followed up with a detailed, customized questionnaire to be sure that everything I was looking for was covered. Additionally, she is a genuinely great human being, and her penchant for a kink lifestyle comes through in her session. My session with Mistress Mia was everything that I wanted and more.

Rich, Philadelphia, July 2019 Tweet
Mistress Mia Action with leashed man in public.

Testimonials Mia Action Philadelphia: FemDom

I have had the privilege of serving Mistress Mia Action over the last two and a half years. I can tell you that She is the real thing. She has a genuine passion for putting men in their place that extends well beyond the realm of fantasy. BDSM & FemDom in particular are more than just a means to an end or a hobby; it permeates every aspect of Her life, personal, professional & political.

Approachable, respectful & meticulous in Her planning & execution, Mistress is a true professional. Her affable nature makes it easy for men to confess their most hidden desires, and a razor sharp sense of perception can draw out
lusts they might not even know they have.

Once in session though, don’t expect things to be quite so casual. Her studious façade masks a deep predilection for sadism and humiliation, and Her innate sense of authority will keep you right where you belong.

Seek out Mistress Mia for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Mia's bitch, Philadelphia, July 2019 Tweet

Testimonials Mia Action Philadelphia: Sadism

I had the opportunity to both serve and play with Mistress Mia Action in July 2019, and l recommend Her highly. I learned that She is a leader and educator in Her local BDSM community and is a welcome addition to my local BDSM community in Chicago.

Before our scene, Mistress Mia was thorough with pre-negotiation, taking the time to understand my kinks, motivations, and concerns while also addressing and respecting my limits. But make no mistake, Mistress Mia is a sadist and takes immense pleasure in using pain, degradation, and torture to satisfy Her sadistic urges. As for the scene itself? It was amazing. There was a point when I felt so eager to do anything, (A…N…Y…THING!), this wickedly wonderful Woman wanted.

If you share Mistress Mia’s interests and have opportunity to play with this surprisingly caring, compassionate, yet ruthless, wickedly sadistic Dominant Woman, do not hesitate.

A Chicago sub, Chicago, July 2019 Tweet
Mistress Mia Action wearing black medical gloves
Mistress Mia Action wearing blue leotard in front of mirror

Testimonial Mia Action Philadelphia: Humiliation

From Her pixielike demanding attitude to Her fun loving decadence coupled with Her shaming laughter, my initial meeting with Mistress Mia was above and beyond my expectations.

Expectations that were varied as well as high
. Mistress Mia spent the time before hand needed to fully explore and understand my motivations and incorporated them quite well into our session, while placing Her own twists and surprises within our session.

As someone who was quite inactive for more than a few years after being active almost 35 years. Meeting Mistress Mia was satisfying as well as an excellent partner for my reentry into the lifestyle.

piggy, Philadelphia, July 2019 Tweet

Testimonials Mia Action Philadelphia: Tickling

Mistress Mia Action is amazing! She especially made me feel comfortable with her even if I have a few communication blocks (no eye contact, body straight forward, etc.)

At first I was scared but after meeting with her for the first time where we just talked, I felt more at ease because she is a really easy person to talk to. She is extremely patient especially when I only wanted to stick to one or two things she reassured me that was okay. And if I wanted to do something else she always started off slow.

Now to the fun stuff ^~^! Most of our sessions are based around the good boy/bad boy scenario and she makes it so easy to just gently slip into a scene and for me hearing the words “good boy” when I am in that subspace makes me feel accomplished and cared for. Also if she spanks you, even with just her hand, YES your butt will sting/hurt for like an 1-2 hours after you leave but it’s not unbearable. But watch out there is a whole 2 walls full of implements to make you scream! But she made it clear to me that it doesn’t hurt if you don’t want it to. Also, if she tickles you and she’s deemed you “bad” watch out because you will be laughing your head off!

a good boy, Philadelphia, February 2019 Tweet

Testimonial Mia Action Philadelphia: Foot Worship and Tickle Torture

Mistress, I want to thank you for the opportunity to session with you. That hour was one of the most exciting that I can remember!

Your Domme style was perfect and I felt very comfortable with you being in complete control of my actions. I loved how stern you could be while being very playful as well, it seemed you were having about as much fun as I was. When I removed your shoes and socks and had a chance to massage and smell your tiny feet I was in heaven! I loved your sweaty feet, and would only wish that were sweatier and smellier 🙂 Even if they weren't at all, I couldn't resist kissing and worshipping your feet, Mistress. Your soles were so smooth and couldn't ask for a better looking pair of feet.

Now the tickling.

I didn't realize until hours after our session but my shoulders were very sore. This was due to all the flexing and bucking you had me doing with those cruel tickling fingers! You were an amazing tickler! When I was on that table tied down I could feel the anticipation just from the looks you were giving. I kept finding myself in this middle ground where I didn't want you to stop tickling me but I also did because it was getting torturous. One of my favorite moments was when you were on top of me, smothering me or sitting on my torso while you tickled the crap out of me. I especially liked when you were on top of my legs and tickling my feet too.

The whole experience was euphoric and I hope that you will have me again to tickle, Mistress.

Tickle danny, Phialdelphia, 2019 Tweet

Testimonials Mia Action Philadelphia: Degradation

Having had several sessions with Mistress Mia, I can say that she is a step above in several regards.

During conversations before the
sessions, she made sure that she had not only safety, but fulfilling my desires and interests, in the forefront. She is aware of how gender plays a part in fetish and as someone who identifies as genderqueer, she did not miss a beat in making sure that my identity was respected even as she humiliated and abused me.

I have had several sessions with Mistress Mia in which I asked to be humiliated, both physically and verbally. Mia is a relentless and ruthless Domme and immediately makes sure you know where the power lies in your interactions with her. If you're looking for a Dom that will make you feel small, helpless and pathetic then you will not regret throwing yourself at her feet.

R, Philadelphia, November 2017 Tweet

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